16 Oct 2010

Live Blogging at TEDxSMU, afternoon session

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2:29PM: John Prince-Ramus with his second act, explaining the insane modulation of the Wyly. This building is alive with inner workings that move stages and seats with ease.

2:25PM: Bill Lively and Josh Prince-Ramus lead us in our own rendition of Happy Birthday. 600 people in the Wyly, on their feet, singing Happy Birthday to the Wyly Theatre. Happy Birthday, Theatre! You grew up so fast!

2:20PM: Happy Birthday, TED. Unfortunately, before this experience, I knew how to sing the world’s most famous song. Because of the world of infinite options, now I’m not so sure.

1:55PM: Roger

1:51PM: Technology demo! A remote controlled car with a military application. Remote operation will allow UAV control from a local vantage point.

1:49PM “An outbreak anywhere is a threat everywhere.” Key vigilance that stops more diseases than the general public even know.

1:49PM: Precautions at the CDC designed to eliminate risk, tackle infectious disease, and keep humanity safe. Their use of clinical trials and product development allow the big dreams of ambitious but under-resourced labs a mechanism to develop and execute medical products.

1:41PM learning about the Monkeypox and the Junin virus. Nothing yet about Baseball Fever.

1:37PMJim LeDuc speaks about SARS. I’m blowing my nose due to awful allergies but promise, I am not trying to incite a panic.

1:34PMBack from an all-organic lunch. Hit the spot. Just listened to the “I once got caught” segment. Four hours in and I STILL haven’t gotten caught blogging!

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