16 Oct 2010

Soaking up TEDxSMU Kids Yesterday?

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@John Grindley here.http://twitter.com/johngrindley What did you want to be when you grew up? That was the question that was posed to every adult at TEDxSMU this morning. I was fortunate enough yesterday to really understand this question as I had the opportunity to experience TEDxSMU Kids and answer the question first hand. http://www.tedxsmu.org/past-talks/tedxkids-slide-show-from-2009/

I experienced what it was like to be 34 years old and be transported back to being 12-14 years old through these amazing kids on stage. The presentation blew me away because the presenters were all talking to these kids on an adult level. They didn’t “kiddify” their speach, but gave them inspiration and told them amazing stories of travel from around the world.

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