15 Sep 2010

TEDxSMU Rapid Arts Salon

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On Sept. 14, TEDxSMU partnered with the 12 artists from the SculptCAD Rapid Arts program for the opening of the art exhibit by the same name. The idea came from SculptCAD founder and artist Nancy Hairston, whose work in Rapid Prototyping (the industry term for 3-D printing) prompted her to think about ways to engage artists in this new technology. Nine months in the making, this art exhibit is the result of her idea.

Together, we curated TEDxTalks by artists Nancy Hairston, Heather Gorham, Brad Ford Smith and Shawn Smith. The 150 guests at One Arts Plaza (where the exhibit will be on display through October 16) had the chance to visit with the artists about their work, peruse the artists’ look books to get a sense of their other work, and demo the CAD software system the artists used to create the pieces for this exhibit.

On the day of the exhibit opening, the New York Times ran an article (linked here) talking about the advances of 3-D printing in manufacturing (quoting TEDxSMU supporter and founder of Plano-based Alibre, Paul Grayson).

We’ll post pictures from the event as soon as we have them, but in the meantime, don’t miss the opportunity to see the pieces for yourself at One Arts Plaza.

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