17 Oct 2010

Wrapping Up – TEDxSMU 2010

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We got a chance to see more than 20 great speakers and performers on Saturday at TEDxSMU. Amid such a diverse group, there were still several key themes running through the day TEDxSMU.

Importance of the Arts
Our venue at TEDxSMU 2010 was a testament to how important the arts are. Yet many of our speakers and performers reinforced this as well. Bill Lively perhaps explained it best in his talk, citing that arts were here before math and technology, that they should not be relegated to entertainment, but seen as essential. Our event organizers clearly shared this point of view, as reflected in the great number of artists represented in the speakers.

Impossible, Not
It was clear that many of our speakers would not have their accomplishments if they listened to those who told them their ideas were impossible. Whether it was Mick Ebeling refusing to believe it was too expensive to help his friend communicate, or Omar Jahwar getting up every day thinking about how he can end youth violence. In most cases the impossibility or enormity of their challenge served as motivation.

Our Intentions
The cliche is true. Nothing is impossible if you put your mind to it, or a group of minds to it. Clearly, one of the key themes of the day was individuals making a decision to intentionally pursue a task. Often motivated by a friend, a personal challenge or a perspective. This is something we share in common with our speakers. We all have the free will to decide what we put our minds to.

Prior to our last presentation of the day, and a performance by Andres Diaz, we raised the curtains at the Wyly Theater to see the surrounding city through the windows. It was hard not to feel that we were leaving as a group inspired by the talks of the day, and wondering how that inspiration might be put into action.

- John Keehler

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