02 Mar 2017

Aaron Diggins – ILL.u-min-AT.e – TEDxKids@SMU 2016

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The path towards illuminating the world begins with a four-step process:
First, recognize that you are ILL—unwavering confidence in yourself, an unshakable belief that you are worthy of being listened to; second, u, manipulate ideas naturally—brainstorm freely, consider unconventional ways of employing your ideas in order to accomplish tasks; third, ATtempt, ATtempt, ATtempt—eagerly attempt those ideas, improving upon them with each subsequent attempt; and fourth, enlighten others—share your successes and failures with others. The world becomes illuminated only because the light of individual achievement, sparked by your successes and failures, is used to enlighten others, who in turn use their lights to enlighten others, who in turn use their lights to enlighten others, the aggregation of which illuminates the world.
I am a father, a husband, a law student (SMU Dedman School of Law), a police detective (Dallas Police Department), and a military veteran (United States Marine Corps and United States Air Force). Whew! I am also an amateur rock climber and an avid Dallas Cowboy’s fan, go Cowboys! I received my Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice from Texas Woman’s University (TWU). My wife and I created and are currently finding a scholarship fund (Leona Robinson-Diggins Scholarship Endowment Fund) at TWU to support students who desire to enter the legal profession.

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