03 Mar 2017

Douglas Newby – Homes That Make Us Happy – TEDxSMU 2016

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Everyone knows everything about homes except what is most important: homes that make us happy. We instead look for a list of amenities, a set of statistics, cosmetic preferences or the best school district, rather than the characteristics that will make us happy in a home every day.

Douglas Newby’s passion for and success in contributing to Dallas has been propelled academically, vocationally, and professionally through a series of achievements. Every project reflects a keen understanding of people, the environment, and the community.
An innate desire to redirect a neighborhood from disaster to delight spurred the academic genesis of his master’s thesis, “Economic Incentives to Reverse Migration in an Inner City Neighborhood.” The established economic argument of the thesis won the day when multi-family property owners actually petitioned the city to rezone their apartments to single-family zoning in this redlined area. Douglas’s efforts, garnering widespread support from the property owners, lenders, businesses, schools and the developer/pro property rights mayor, resulted in the largest multi-family zoned area to be rezoned single-family in the country and the first single-family zoned historic district with historic guidelines in Dallas.

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