06 Mar 2013

Helen Fisher – TEDxSMU 2012

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Helen Fisher, PhD, Biological Anthropologist Rutgers University, distinguishes four broad styles of thinking and behaving, based on the brain systems for dopamine, serotonin, testosterone and estrogen/oxytocin.  These data are derived from her Fisher Chemistry Test, taken by over 12 million people in 40 countries via the Internet dating sites Match.com and Chemistry.com, as well as from genetics and neurochemistry.  Using this biology, Fisher explores why we fall in love with one person rather than another and how these “styles of mind” can be used to hire, build teams, advertise and influence. She has written five internationally selling books on the brain science of human romantic and social behavior. Her lectures include speeches at: The World Economic Forum (Davos), G-20, The Economist, TED, Harvard Medical School, The United Nations, Deloitte, Visa and General Electric. She is seen regularly on television and in the print media.

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