14 Oct 2012

JSpear – Unveil – TEDxSMU Salon 2012

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Originally trained as a classical concert pianist for 12 years, JSpear simply got bored playing other people’s music. By embracing his desire to create, he learned how to speak through what he likes to call “Real Myoosk.” JSpear strongly believes that music is another language we can use to express ourselves on completely different levels, and he endeavors to show us this through producing eclectic stories of sound. He has since branched out to genres including jazz, electronic, hip-hop, R&B, metal, reggae-ton, and trance. There is always an element of improvisation during each of his live performances because JSpear believes art should whenever possible be true to the spontaneity of the dynamics between performer and audience. It’s not just speaking, but a sublime (and almost-spiritual) conversation through music. Being one with the music as well as the listener is JSpear’s priority when performing. Thus, by all means, enjoy~

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