09 Nov 2015

Julia R. Barton – Port of Dallas – TEDxSMU 2015

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From its founding, Dallas fully intended to become a port city with river access to the Gulf of Mexico. We’ll hear the story of that quest, which reached epic proportions before it failed, and why it shouldn’t be forgotten.
Music: Zachary Sarantitis, Podington Bear
Photos: Library of Congress, Dallas Public Library, SMU’s DeGolyer Library, LBJ Presidential Library, and Julia Barton

Julia Barton grew up in Dallas, and has gone on to become a public media reporter and editor. Currently an editor for PRI’s The World, her work has appeared on NPR News, Radiolab, Marketplace, Studio 360, and in print in The Atlantic, Slate, and Roads & Kingdoms, among others. She’s written about Dallas history for the Texas Observer, and her piece “Port of Dallas” for the design podcast 99% Invisible is the basis of this TEDx SMU talk.

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