18 Jun 2015

Kimberly Davis – What It Means to Be Brave – TEDxSMUWomen 2015

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The most influential people and the best leaders are those who dare to be their REAL selves, powerfully. People want to give them their best. But how do you do that when the stakes feel high? How can we be brave in the face of our own inescapable humanity? Drawing from personal stories, from years of working with thousands of leaders, and from century old acting methods, professional-actress-turned-leadership-e­ducator, Kimberly Davis uncovers what it takes to tap into that illusive “want” and be the brave leader you were born to be.

Kimberly is the Founder and Director of OnStage Leadership and is also honored to teach Executive Presence each year for the Corporate Executive Development program (CEDP), (a partnership between SMU and the National Hispanic Corporate Council), and Authentic Influence for the Bush Institute’s Women’s Fellowship program, empowering future female leaders in the Middle East and North Africa. Kimberly’s debut book, Brave Leadership: An Emerging Leader’s Guide to REAL Results, is designed to simplify and demystify the leadership conversation, provide tools to help emerging leaders be brave, and an opportunity to see themselves, the world, and the impact they can have with new eyes.

Twitter: @OnStageKimberly


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