04 Nov 2015

Lauren Bagwell – Let’s Flip the Golden Rule – TEDxKids@SMU 2015

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Have you ever thought about reversing the Golden Rule? What would happen if we started treating ourselves the way we treated others? As both a poet and someone who once struggled with an eating disorder my goal is to share my story through spoken word poetry and in turn encourage those around me to revolutionize the way we think, talk and treat ourselves on a day to day basis.

Lauren Bagwell graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education from Baylor University, where she now pursues her masters in Curriculum and Instruction. As a freshman at Baylor, Lauren was diagnosed with binge eating disorder and soon after began her journey towards recovery and self-love. Long before her diagnosis, Lauren proved herself as a spoken word poet at local, regional and international poetry competitions. Through her participation in these poetry slams, she discovered the powerful magic and healing of storytelling. Today, she uses her passions for poetry and performance to share her own story and encourage others that they have the right to be seen and the right to be heard. Through her recovery, Lauren has learned that the most important love you will ever know is the love you have for yourself.

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