03 Mar 2017

Linda Swindling – The World Needs You to Ask Outrageously – TEDxSMU 2016

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You may have been taught that asking for more than you “need” is selfish, bad manners or greedy. The truth is – asking outrageously actually creates relationships and builds communities of people who want you to succeed. When she practiced law, Linda Swindling strongly negotiated for others but rarely asked for what she needed or wanted. As a “recovering” attorney, she knows that asking outrageously produces a confidence and many times results in positive outcomes, even when the answer is “no.” A recognized authority on negotiation, strategic communication, and workplace issues, Linda Swindling is an author, executive coach, “recovering” employment attorney, and a Certified Speaking Professional. Her specialty is helping people communicate powerfully so others will listen. She is a graduate of Texas Tech School of Law, president of Journey On, her Dallas-based training and development company, and author/co-author of more than 20 books, including Ask Outrageously! The Secret to Getting What You Really Want. Learn more about Linda at www.LindaSwindling.com or follow her on twitter @LindaSwindling

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