21 Jan 2013

Molly Bingham – TEDxSMU 2012

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Molly Bingham is the founder and executive director of ORBmedia, a data-fueled journalism organization that delivers a single daily multimedia story to a diverse audience on topics that touch each of us individually but challenge us collectively. ORBmedia’s allegiance is to humanity as a whole, rather than any national, religious, cultural or ideological community.
Based in Washington, DC, Molly has spent most of her career as a photojournalist covering conflict in Central Africa and the Middle East. She worked as Official White House Photographer to the Vice President from 1998–2001. In addition to her photojournalism, Bingham has written articles and co-directed an award winning documentary film, Meeting Resistance. In March 2003, Bingham was arrested by Saddam Hussein’s security services with four other Westerners during the invasion of Iraq, held for eight days in solitary confinement and interrogated at Abu Ghraib Prison.

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