16 Oct 2010

Omar Jahwar Tells Us a “True Story” at TEDxSMU 2010

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Omar Jahwar tackles the politics and issues that affect inner city youth in the Dallas community. Emerging as an important leader and outspoken voice in the community, he is the founder of Vision Regeneration, Inc., a life‑shaping entity designed to assist the social sculpting of inner city youth. Based on the philosophy that crime and violence can be prevented by transforming the thoughts and perceptions of individuals who participate in crime and violence, Vision Regeneration presently provides gang prevention, counseling, and mentoring services to 17 Dallas public schools. Omar is also the creator and founder of Positive XChange, a social media movement to stop youth violence and positively change youth culture. Positive Xchange promotes positive social networking via PositiveXchange.com, inspiring positive entertainment and encouraging creative artistic expressions with new messages of positive values
and transformation.

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