18 Nov 2014

Quin Patton – How to think like a scientist – TEDxKids@SMU 2014

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We use scientific thinking in labs and universities across the globe to answer some of the biggest questions we face as a species. But somehow, we fail to use that same scientific framework in our personal lives.

Quin Patton is a Dallas based food scientist and currently works as a product developer for PepsiCo, Frito-Lay. He has led many household staples to market, with some of his most recent projects including work on the Ruffles, Tostitos, and Chester’s brands. Quin is a passionate advocate for STEAM education models and has partnered in several Dallas education initiatives. In 2008 he started Mission Vision, a non-profit dedicated to distributing reading glasses to impoverished communities in Central and South America. Quin received a MS in Food Science from North Carolina State University and a BA in English from Davidson College. When not working on the next big tasty snack, you can find Quin out running, cycling, or climbing tall objects (albeit his Texas residence).

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