09 Nov 2015

Seth Fairchild – Native American Oral Storytelling & History – TEDxSMU 2015

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Through this initiative we share the history of our people in their voice, as seen through their eyes. We focus on everyday lives of Choctaws through pivotal moments in history, exploring topics such as the Civil Rights movement, boarding school initiatives, and relocation efforts. We gather oral accounts of what it was like to be Native American through these times, from the stories that make us unique as a people to the everyday activities that universally bind all of us to one another. We use technology to preserve and share our unique story and wisdom that has come from these encounters.

Seth Fairchild is a graduate of the Southeastern Oklahoma State University Honors Program and a former member of Southeastern University’s Native American Council. Shortly after earning his degree in Business Administration and Marketing, Seth accepted a position with his tribe, the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma, to work with Choctaw students ages 6-18 through the Success Through Academic Recognition (STAR) program. In 2011, Seth joined forces with the newly revived Chahta Foundation, a nonprofit that is closely associated with the Choctaw Nation and whose primary beneficiaries are Choctaws living throughout the United States. In this capacity, Seth has worked diligently with a small core staff to build and develop the Chahta Foundation so that it may best serve Choctaws through innovative educational, cultural, and health-related initiatives. Outside work, Seth enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter.

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