02 Dec 2011

Tali Marx – Getting a Global View – TEDxKids @SMU 2011

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Tali Marx is 18 and a senior at Thomas Edison State College. She is a self-proclaimed adventure seeker, super-nerd, and idealistic dreamer. She has a diverse background in the arts and is passionate about historical reenactment, cultural studies, and European folk music. A lover of world travel, she has visited 14 countries. Since childhood, Talitha has taken part in service trips abroad. She thought she’d seen it all- until a trip to East Africa shattered her preconceived notions about life and forced her to reconsider … everything. Along with a team of doctors and their families, she spent two weeks in remote Tanzania establishing cultural understanding, conducting education, working through the weirdest red tape you could imagine, and receiving on-site training as a medical assistant in the Open Arms Clinic her team established.

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