04 Nov 2015

Tara Conner – Curiosity Saves the Cat – TEDxKids@SMU 2015

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In this talk, Tara will playfully speak to why intellectual curiosity is so important to both kids and adults alike. She pulls from her own experience and tells stories about being dyslexic and her fascination with learning new things. She believes that people with dyslexia have a natural ability to be more curious about the world around them and encourages others to follow suit.

In grade school Tara was known as the “Questioning Queen”. Being dyslexic, she had to find alternative ways to gain a deeper understanding of the subject at hand. Which meant asking “Why,” “How” and “What if” until the point of exhaustion. She owes these experiences to the reason why she values the importance of intellectual curiosity and encourages others to engage in this way of thinking.

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