18 Nov 2014

The Color Condition – Sunny Sliger & Marianne Newsom – TEDxSMU 2014

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This experiment we call The Color Condition has transformed not only spaces, but also ourselves, our visions, and how we see everyday objects and possibilities (our dream streams). Simple material and basic construction can transform the mundane into a visual presence prompting the viewer to re-imagine their environment. We invite you to look at the world through our lens and challenge you to transform your own world.

They are drawn to repetition, patternization, color, and wind in its natural motion. Their “streams” consist of table cloths, shower curtains, and painters drop cloths. The streamers have so many different qualities, characteristics, and moods depending on the environment; be it violent, stoic, sinuous, or light. Observing these moods in the different kinds of weather, they provide endless displays of being, which creates a new image, vision, color, pattern, and painting with every gust of wind.

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