09 Nov 2015

Tracy Brown – What is Mine to Do? – TEDxSMU 2015

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The day after the Charleston murders, Tracy found herself sitting in a jury room considering whether she, a black woman, could be a fair and impartial juror in a case where a young white man killed 9 innocent people because of the color of their skin. What happened as a result of that morning has become an unexpected call to action for all people committed to mutual respect or willing to take a stand for fairness. If we want to see change in our world, each one of us must answer the question, “What is Mine to Do?”

Tracy Brown believes diversity is not a problem to be fixed; it is a resource to be utilized. She is a successful author and consultant who helps people improve their communication, leadership and relationship-building skills so they can achieve their goals in our multi-ethnic, multicultural and multi-generational world.
Tracy is all about changing the debate about diversity from a focus on politics and personality into a dialogue about results and respect. She works with organizations nationwide to transform random activities and events into strategic inclusion initiatives. And she’s authored several books to help leaders move from awareness to accountability.

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