TEDxSMU 2009


This year we hosted our first TEDxSMU annual conference and we think it went pretty well! Check out the pictures on Flickr here!

These two days were the culmination of a journey that in some ways began just a few short months before, and in other ways are just part of a bigger experience that is decades in the making. There are people out there who believe…who know…how critical it is for each of us to have constant exposure to new ideas. It’s not rocket science, but a closely held belief in the power of innovation. That to innovate, we need stimulating environments and exposure to new and big ideas. That without innovation, we stagnate. We posed this question to our audience…What will change everything? Now it is up to you to decide.



Dr. William Abraham

Anousheh Ansari

John Araki

Arthur Benjamin

Kim Corbet

Stan Greene | Ode to Pluto

Ira Greenberg

Bobby Haas

Greg Harper

Rogers Hartmann

William Kamwamba and Bryan Mealer

Amory Lovins

Kyle Martin | The Beauty of Barefoot Running

Tanya Pinto | Baal Dan Means Thank You

Turk Pipkin

The Polyphonic Spree

Joshua Prince-Ramus

Aaron Reedy

Rives | A Tale of Trespassing

Jill Sobule

Jeffrey Talley

Lewis Warren Jr. | Piano Performance

Dave Weaver | “What’s a TED?”