TEDxSMU 2013 Auditions

Congratulations to Dave Lieber and LyAnna Smith the winners of TEDxSMU 2013 Auditions! We’d like to thank all of the speakers at Auditions, everyone was truly exceptional.

Pictures from Auditions can be viewed here.



Mitchell Brooks | Getting Small in Healthcare Delivery

Jayne Gardner | Divine Intelligence

Cathrine Hatcher | A Roadside Tribute

Amy Hofland | Be Well and Please Take Care of your Telomeres

Bill Holston | Immigration Makes America Great

Sung Kim | The Next Mobile Experience

Dave Lieber | The Power of a Story to Change the World

Elizabeth McCormick | Two Words Can Change Your Life

Patrick McDonnell | Why City Planning Needs to Be Un-Planned

Reward Sibanda | Tartar Sauce and Tyranny

LyAnna Smith | Fostering Hope



Will Clarke, 2011 Audition Winner & TEDxSMU Speaker


Celebrity Judges:

Willie Baronet, 2012 TEDxSMU Speaker

Grace Gilker, 2010 TEDxKids @SMU Speaker

Byron Sanders, 2012 TEDxSMU Speaker