TEDxSMU Hilltop

TEDxSMU  broke new ground on September 21st with TEDxSMU Hilltop: the first-ever TEDxSMU Salon that was only for SMU students, faculty and staff. TEDxSMU Hilltop was done by SMU, for SMU. We had a stellar speaker line up of SMU students, faculty, staff and alumni.

Check out pictures of the event on Flickr here!

TEDxSMU Hilltop Program


Alicia Booker, Graduate Student, Simmons School of Education & Human Development

Janielle Kastner, Senior, Meadows School of the Arts

Session One Speakers (in alpha order)

Adam Anderson, Student

Spoken Word

Willie Baronet, Faculty

Rethinking Home

Kate Canales, Faculty

Empathy and Innovation

Erin Crosby, Staff & Alumni

The Bridge to Nowhere


Carl Dorvil, Alumni

The Four P’s of Success


Lane Johnson, Student

The Possible Efficacy of Psychotherapy in the Slowing of the Progression of Alzheimer’s Disease


Brandon Lazarus, Student

It’s Not What You Know, It’s Who You Know


Tammy Lee, Alumni

Starting My Movement


Katrina Leshan, Student



JSpear, Student



Ryszard Stroynowski, Faculty

Particle Physics -New World Waits for Discovery


Jaquai Wade, Alumni



Session Two Speakers (in alpha order)

Christopher Bhatti, Staff & Alumni

Benefit of Being Comfortable with the Uncomfortable


Christian Genco, Student

You should learn to program


Rick Halperin, Faculty

The Current Status of Human Rights


Hank Hammett, Faculty

Opera In and Out of the Box


Kevin Lavelle, Alumni

No = Go


Katrina Leshan, Student

A New Way of Looking at Music


Daniel Poku, Student



Isake Slaughter, Student

My Soul Cries


JSpear, Student



Jonathan Wentz, Student

Road to 2012 Paralympics


Ronald  Wetherington, Faculty

Turning Interdisciplinary Teaching Upside Down