TEDxSMU Hilltop 9.21.2012

TEDxSMU is breaking new ground on September 21st with TEDxSMU Hilltop: the first-ever TEDxSMU Salon that’s only for SMU students, faculty and staff. TEDxSMU Hilltop is done by SMU, for SMU. We’ll have a stellar speaker line up of SMU students, faculty, staff and alumni, and – best of all – it’s free for registered attendees with your SMU ID!

Watch the Livstream here: https://new.livestream.com/tedx/SMUHilltop

Friday, September 21
Bob Hope Theater
Owen Fine Arts Center
6101 Bishop Blvd
Dallas, TX 75205

TEDxSMU Hilltop Program


Alicia Booker, Graduate Student, Simmons School of Education & Human Development

Janielle Kastner, Senior, Meadows School of the Arts


What a great time sharing and listening to new ideas with the SMU faculty and students! Check out the pictures on Flickr here!


Adam A. Anderson | Spoken Word Performance

Willie Baronet | Rethinking Home

Christopher Bhatti | Benefit of Being Comfortable with the Uncomfortable

Kate Canales | Empathy and Innovation

Erin  Crosby | The Bridge to Nowhere

Carl Dorvil | The Four P’s of Success

Christian Genco | You Should Learn to Program

Rick Halperin | The Current Status of Human Rights

Hank Hammett | Opera In and Out of the Box

Lane Johnson | Slowing the Progression of Alzheimer’s

JSpear | Unveil

Kevin Lavelle | No = Go

Brandon Lazarus | It’s Not What You Know, It’s Who You Know

Tammy Nguyen Lee | Starting My Movement

Katrina Leshan | Performance

Daniel Poku | CauseCakes

Isake Akanke Slaughter | My Soul Cries

Ryszard Stroynowski | Particle Physics- New World Waits for Discovery

Jaquai Wade | Now

Jonathan Wentz | Road to the 2012 Paralympics