06 Mar 2018

Leslie O’Hare – Rising to VICTORY – TEDxSMUWomen 2017

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No matter your age, gender, economic status or where you come from; everyone will encounter obstacles and hurdles that will cause you to make two decisions 1.) Are you going to decide to allow your obstacles or Red Sea to take you under? 2.) Are you going to choose to stay above the waters so you can stand, trust and believe that this obstacle that you’re facing is just a passing moment in your life that will definitely move along as long as you remain focused and strong and never give up? Choosing number two (2) is really the only way to ensure that no matter what life throws your way; you will Rise to VICTORY! Leslie O’Hare’s public speaking career began over 20 years ago. Every time Leslie gets the opportunity to speak in front of an audience her primary goal is to awaken the gifts and talents within every woman and girl by empowering them to let go of their past and to let go of how others view them so they can open their hearts to begin to see themselves as beautiful, courageous, confident, powerful, smart women and girls. Although Leslie’s Rising to VICTORY brand’s primary focus revolves around inspiring women and girls she’s also excited whenever she has the opportunity to speak to male audiences. Whether you’re a man or women the practical strategies that Leslie provides will help you develop a strong sense of self, so you will have the strength to overcome any and all obstacles holding you back from living your BEST Life. Leslie is the President of Leslie O’Hare in Dallas, Texas. Under the Leslie O’Hare Media umbrella, she’s a life coach, motivational/ transformational speaker, previously a television talk show host of The Leslie O’Hare Show, television and theatrical producer and director as well as the author of her upcoming book titled Rising to VICTORY. Leslie is a frequent speaker at colleges, universities, domestic violence shelters, women’s conferences, youth conferences, church groups, cancer foundations, foster care agencies, corporations, nonprofit entities, family organizations, chamber of commerce organizations and much more.

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