30 Apr 2015

Jonah Kirby – Gone With the Wind – TEDxSMU Inside SMU 2015

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The future of energy lies with micro production. Global warming and localized pollution are not going away without big changes, but the solution shouldn’t be a sacrifice. The necessary change won’t be found in a wind farm, it involves every housetop in America.


Jonah Kirby is a junior at SMU pursuing a major in Mechanical Engineering with the aspiration of doing design engineering full time. Jonah loves the outdoors; fishing, hunting, and being a proud Texan is what he loves most. In the past three years, Jonah has focused on product design and engineering, having completed numerous projects such as a SLA 3d printer, a direct-drive wind turbine, and an autonomous robot that could find, test, and remediate various water sources. As a design engineer at a startup company in Austin called Reaction, Jonah designed, prototyped, and engineered many different components of Reaction’s flagship product, the Exo, which is a modular disaster response housing unit. Although he is passionate about engineering, Jonah sees design research and human centered design as a pivotal part of building a truly amazing product. With his unique background and experiences, Jonah hopes to redesign the way people think and feel about alternative energy.

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