TEDxSMU 2016 Auditions

We are trying something new for our Audition process. In 2016, we will hold three live auditions. Each live audition will have themes that relate to all of the presenters. The audition application will remain a two-step process: online application and live audition. We want your best stories, songs, poems… anything you can deliver in 6 minutes.

Live Audition 1 – February 29, 2016: Global Issues, Humanities, & Education Winner: Linda Swindling

  • Finalists: Lauren Bagwell, Candice Bledsoe, Sally Le, Kevin Lee, Diana Miller, Jonathan Swiatocha, Linda Swindling, and Rashmi Varma

Live Audition 2 – Marach 20, 2016: Science, Technology & Health Winner: Michael Weisberg

  • Finalists: John Ansbach, Leticia Ferrer, Pamela Garcy, Moez Janmohammad, Lawrence Vo, Dave Wagner, Michael Weisberg, and Paul Westbrook

Live Audition 3 – May 24, 2016: Arts, Entertainment, & Design Winner: Douglas Newby

  • Finalists: Koshi Dhingra, Eric Goodner, Dave Fleming, Douglas Newby, Lois Stark, and Linda Marsden Thomas