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Andres Ruzo – TEDxSMU 2013

Andrés grew up between Texas, Nicaragua, and Peru. Besides giving him a bit of a national identity crisis, it helped him see that most of the world’s problems are not confined by borders. In trying to find their solutions, he realized the way we produce and use energy lies at the root of many of [...]

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Two Bit Circus – TEDxSMU 2013

Brent Bushnell is the CEO of Two Bit Circus, a Los Angeles-based “make tank” focused on products at the crossroads of amusement and education. The interdisciplinary team strives to make entertainment more enriching and education more fun.  Most recently the team launched STEAM Carnival, a modern re-imagining of the midway to inspire kids about science, [...]

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Rachael Chong – The Key to True Generosity – TEDxSMU 2013

Rachael Chong is the Founder and CEO of Catchafire, an innovative platform that connects nonprofits with professionals looking to volunteer their skills. Since its founding in 2009, Catchafire has become the world’s largest online skills-based volunteer platform.  Rachael has been named one of Fast Company’s Most 100 Creative People in Business, received the NYC Venture [...]

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