14 Dec 2015

Called to be Actionists

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By Monica Rodriguez on December 14, 2015

It’s not everyday that you get to sit down, relax, and listen to inspiring stories that could just possibly change your life, and the face of the planet, for the absolute better.  On October 17th, 2015, that’s exactly what I did. Into the second session of the conference we go, and there – with much light and spark – comes out Tracy Brown. Brown is the president of Diversity Trends, and also an author, who is not only passionate, but also an actionist. “Not everyone needs to be an advocate, not everyone needs to be an activist, not everyone needs to be an ally,” says Brown, referring to why everyone in this country should contribute to the making of a fair, equal, and unbiased society. “We must all be actionists,” says Brown suggesting that it’s important that we all truly seek to live out the values of our country, which all equality, justice, and respect to all.

One of Brown’s strongest beliefs is that diversity is not a problem to be fixed; it’s a resource to be utilized – never having heard diversity be addressed in this way, I was instantly enlightened. So often, too often, we hear about the “issues of diversity” everywhere from our schools to our workplaces, yet we never stop to think about how the rhetoric that we use affects us, how the way we think, and the way we feel shapes the communities that we live in; the world that we, all together, create. It’s so important to have a voice that is fair and just.

What will you do when you get a chance to speak? Will you speak life or will you speak death, will you speak light or will you detriment? Think about it. It’s time that we begin to use our voices and our power, together, to bring light to those dark tunnels that need revisiting. It’s time that instead of judging each other, we listen to each other— let’s listen to what our pain sounds like, our thoughts, our feelings, and how we use these to justify unfairness sometimes. Seek your voice, find it, and use it bravely and fairly— and ask yourself, what is Mine to Do?


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