22 Jul 2014

TEDxSMU on McCuistion TV

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The TEDxSMU team was thrilled to be invited to talk TED and TEDx with Dennis McCuistion on McCuistion TV. Joining the discussion in front of a live audience are:

Jim Young: TEDxSMU Steering Committee. We first heard of TED Talks from Jim Young, a seasoned TEDSTER. Jim is passionate about TED and the stories and ideas it inspires. He gives us the inside story of how TED , Technology, Education and Design started in 1984 as a fantasy dinner party centered on these 3 areas, with some friends talking and some listening. It grew from a simple, local concept to a global, complex one. From its initial start, 6 years later attendees paid $475 to attend. Today TED attendees eagerly pay 20 times that amount.

Heather Hankamer: Director of TEDxSMU and TEDxSMU Kids and

Jeremy Gregg: Chief Development Officer, Prison Entrepreneurship Program.Jeremy’s 2012,  thought provoking TEDxSMU (Southern Methodist University) raised the interest in the more than 7 million people incarcerated in our jails. He stated that a child who has a parent in prison increases their own odds of going to prison by 70%. Financially the burden costs us $74 billion in corrections. It got participants  attention.

Heather talks about TEDxSMU and the TEDx phenomenon,”a radical opening up of the TED format to local, independently organized events”.

On any given day there are 7-8 TEDx events somewhere in the world. Heather is particularly passionate about TEDx Kids which is gaining in popularity. Kids get to hear from adult TED speakers who value the audience and do not dumb down the content.

We hope you will enjoy watching and join the discussion!

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