11 Dec 2012

Amy Krouse Rosenthal – Beckon Lovely and Save the World – TEDxSMU 2012

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Amy is a person who likes to make things. Some things she likes to make: Children’s books. // Grown-up books. // Short videos. // Salads. // Connections with the universe. // Something out of nothing. // Wishes.According to The New York Times, Amy’s children’s books “radiate fun the way tulips radiate spring: they are elegant and spirit-lifting.” Her 20+ books for children include Little Pea, Spoon, Duck! Rabbit!, Plant a Kiss, Cookies: Bite-Size Life Lessons, and Wumbers. As for her adult work, Amazon named Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life one of the top 10 memoirs of the decade. Her YouTube videos include The Beckoning of Lovely, The Money Tree, Life is a Marathon and The Kindness Thought Bubble. She has been a longtime contributor to Chicago’s NPR affiliate WBEZ. She has spoken at TEDxWaterloo (7 Notes on Life), TEDxSanDiego (The Crevices of Life), and on the TEDYou stage at TEDActive (Wandering). Amy lives with her family in Chicago and online at whoisamy.com

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