18 Nov 2014

Andrew Sturm – Cacoethes – TEDxSMU 2014

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Cacoethes is the story of an east Dallas neighborhood that is fighting to thrive and the idea that sometimes the best way to make a difference is to ask forgiveness instead of permission.

Andrew believes that design solutions are most profound when they build off the expertise and priorities of those most affected by them. Working as part architect + part guerrilla-for-good, Andrew has engaged a diverse range of clients and partners resulting in everything from high-performing buildings to purpose-connected branding to questionably-legal moments of advocacy and empowerment.

In addition to his design work, Andrew serves on the Boards for the Heidelberg Project in Detroit, Michigan and Design Corps in Raleigh, North Carolina – organizations who are at the forefront of using art and architecture to benefit and strengthen communities in need.

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