20 Apr 2014

Arnaud Zimmern – Braiding Red Riding Hood – TEDxSMU Spring 2014

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Arnaud is a senior at SMU from Dallas, TX majoring in French, English and mathematics. He enjoys the alto saxophone, piano, theatre, journalism, Frisbee®, poetry, photography, and Quiz Bowl. After graduation Arnaud plans to attend graduate school, pursuing a degree in literature.

2 Responses to “Arnaud Zimmern – Braiding Red Riding Hood – TEDxSMU Spring 2014”

  1. Pierre Augier says:

    Dear Arnaud,

    Sixty-four years ago, your grand-father Bernard and I were roommates. At the time, we thought we were very clever when determining the color of the infinite, justifying the reality of ghosts through the Schrödinger’s equation, and establishing a nice mathematical theory advising the world not to buy any insurance policy.

    However, we could not compete with you.

    Thank you for being absolutely amazing.

    Il n’est pas étonnant que félicitations puissent si facilement rimer avec graduation…..!

  2. Alexander Markowski says:

    This is a fascinating use of mathematics in analyzing literature. It seems that there could be sociological
    implications gained from this mathematical analysis of literature. That is, perhaps by looking at the most popular and/or most acclaimed works from different societies and comparing the braid structures most common in one society vs. another we can gain a deeper and also more quantitative understanding of the social structures that each one of us is a part of.

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