18 Nov 2014

Dale Carman – Bringing my vision to life – TEDxSMU 2014

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Dale was born in Bangkok, Thailand. The son of Missionaries, Dale traveled throughout the country of Thailand, living in the city of Bangkok as well as primitive areas such as Chaing Mai and Chaing Rai. In order to make a living after graduation, Dale started his first business, a graphic design company called Creative Art Design. In this business venture, Dale began working for various advertising agencies in the Oklahoma City area doing everything from billboards to commercials. Dale collected numerous advertising industry awards for several key campaigns. He later moved into broadcast and commercial production, holding various roles such as creative director, animator, editor and production director.

In 1993, Dale connected with David Needham and started Reel Magic, which ultimately transitioned into Reel FX Creative Studios, a new company which would become a pioneer in digital visual effects and animation. After twenty-one years with Reel FX, Dale has won numerous creative and technical awards and has been a keynote speaker at countless industry events. Dale is fearless when it comes to his creative vision, relentlessly pushing the boundaries of creative production with the latest tools and innovative processes.

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