18 Dec 2015

Jon Stolk – Creating Autonomy-Supportive Learning Environments – TEDxSMU 2015

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Educators talk a lot about learner autonomy, but less so about the conditions that promote learners’ feelings of choice and control. In this talk, Jon Stolk examines how learning environments may be better designed to promote the emergence of confident, agile, self-directed learners.

Jon Stolk strives to design and facilitate extraordinary learning experiences. He creates project-based and interdisciplinary courses and programs that invite students to take control of their learning, grapple with complex systems, engage with each other and the world in new ways, and emerge as confident, agile, self-directed learners. Stolk’s research aims to understand how students experience different classroom settings, particularly with regard to how individuals express situational motivations and develop their own beliefs about learning. Stolk strives to translate education research to practice, and to assist other instructors in creating innovative student experiences and driving educational change. A core aspect of his professional work involves equipping instructors with design tools and conceptual frameworks that enable them to understand their classrooms in new ways, and to gain confidence in trying new approaches and deploying course prototypes.

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