30 Apr 2015

Justin Mueller – Philanthropy on a Student Salary – TEDxSMU Inside SMU 2015

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How many students do you know make over $20 an hour? The Independent Sector reported the value of a single hour of volunteer time to be worth $22.55 in 2013. Not only are time and money valuable assets, there are endless ways to get creative and give back to your community!

I was blessed as a child to be raised in Germany to military parents and for the opportunities I was given to travel throughout Europe and the Americas. Though travel has helped to shape my philanthropic views of the world, my passion for service really began when I moved to Seattle at 20 years old. In the following six years I used my 25th birthday to raise money for an HIV/AIDS nonprofit, I worked with a group of young professionals (Philanthro) to produce multiple events around town raising money for nonprofits such as the YMCA, and volunteered countless hours to various organizations. Philanthropy is something that I am very passionate about, and I hope to inspire others to get creative with how they give back to their communities.

To follow my journey and to keep in touch, find me on Facebook and Twitter! @JustinHMueller

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