03 Dec 2011

Kate Canales – The Power of Design – TEDxSMU 2011

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Kate is a Creative Director at frog, a global design and innovation firm. Her work at frog focuses on design research and creative infrastructure. Kate leads initiatives for clients looking to refine creative strategy or increase innovation capabilities. Prior to frog, Kate spent many years as a content leader at IDEO, frog’s most worthy rival. Previous clients include the UK’s National Health Service (NHS), Procter & Gamble, UNICEF, PepsiCo, Mattel, T-mobile, AT&T, MTV and the World Economic Forum.

Kate is also a Senior Fellow in Design for Social Innovation at The University of Texas and the Dell Social Innovation Competition where she is driving curriculum development for design as a component of social entrepreneurship.

Kate is a regular contributor to The Atlantic Online and frog’s designmind blog and has written for GOOD Magazine online and The Journal of Applied Behavioral Science.

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