15 Oct 2010

Mick Ebeling at TEDxKIDS @SMU 2010

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Mick’s quest to make cool stuff has been relentless. For the last 10 years, he and the other insomniacs at The Ebeling Group have been making things like James Bond main titles, Grammy nominated music videos, commercials for Fortune 100 brands, and Cannes Lion winning branded content. Two years ago Mick was inspired by his friend, ALS patient and famous street artist, Tempt, to create something else – The Eyewriter. The Eyewriter – the first project of The Not Impossible Foundation – is an open source, low‑cost, DIY device that gives anyone suffering from paralysis the ability to draw again using only their eyes. Along with The Eyewriter, Mick launched The Not Impossible Foundation to continue matching ordinary problems with extraordinary people to create low‑cost, DIY solutions for real‑world issues. Fifteen years ago, Mick convinced this insanely creative girl named Caskey to marry him. Now they have 3 giant boys – Angus, BoJameson, and Trace. They will be playing in the NBA in 2025, 2027, and 2031 respectively. Stay tuned.

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