03 Dec 2011

Peter Brown – Art & Designing a City – TEDxSMU2011

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Architect Peter Brown works on big ideas for large and small projects. He is principal of Peter Brown Architects, a design and strategy firm that collaborates with clients to transform the way people work, live, learn, create, and enjoy.

At any given time you might find Peter in Florida, creating a middle school that moves as fast as students think. Or in Germany, designing a chair that moves with your body. In Dallas, he may be on his way to meet with a fashion retailer to discuss innovation and collaboration in the creative workplace.

If you live in Oak Cliff, your child could attend Hector Garcia Middle School where every classroom overlooks the entire city of Dallas. If you are an expat in Beijing, your kids likely attend a school that Peter has had a hand in creating. And if you happen to live in a residence designed by Peter, you’ll enjoy waking up from a Sunday nap with soft sunlight dancing across the room.

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