16 Oct 2010

Ray Zahab @ TEDxSMU 2010

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On November 1, 2006 Ray and two other runners set out on an epic expedition to cross the Sahara Desert by foot. One hundred and eleven days and 7500 kms after leaving the coast of Senegal, they completed their journey by dipping their toes into the Red Sea. After witnessing and experiencing the water crisis and malaria epidemic in Africa, Ray decided to dedicate his future adventures to raising awareness and funding for causes that he supports and believes in. Two years after touching the Red Sea, Ray and two other Canadians, broke the world speed record for an unsupported expedition by a team to the South Pole. In the process, Ray became the first person to trek this traditional route from Hercules Inlet to the South Pole solely on foot and snowshoes — without the use of skis. This expedition was completed as part of Ray’s foundation, Impossible2Possible, a non‑profit organization with a mission to inspire and educate youth through adventure learning, and inclusion and participation in expeditions.

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