03 Dec 2011

Scott Douglas – Making Music – TEDxSMU 2011

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Scott Douglas is an SMU professor, researcher, educator and entrepreneur who has had a lifelong passion and interest in sound and music. He developed one of the first successful procedures for the active cancellation of sound in a room over 15 years ago. More recently, he developed mathematical techniques for picking out and recording individual voices in a crowd using several microphones in tandem. Educated at Stanford University as an electrical engineer, Scott co-authored the first engineering textbook for high school students for The Infinity Project, a national award winning middle school, high school and early college engineering curricula, and he led the initial development of training materials for the curricula. He has given lectures on digital music and sound engineering to audiences young and old across the US, and has been featured in live and recorded radio and television shows including NPR and WFAA-TV. An avid singer and musician, Scott’s preferred instrument is the saxophone, and while he loves all forms of music, his favorite is jazz.

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