09 Nov 2015

TEDxSMU 2015 Highlights

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TEDxSMU is an all-day TED-style conference for the SMU and Dallas communities. An active participant in the TEDx program since its inception in 2009, TEDxSMU has built its reputation on bringing together ideas and interesting people from around the world and around the corner. Stories have the power to move us, to change the way we feel. Stories of success, big ideas and even failure have the power to change the world.

Since the first event in 2009, TEDxSMU has been a hub for those stories told here in Dallas and then spread across the World Wide Web. Over the years we have hosted more than 150 speakers and their talks to date have generated nearly 2 million views on YouTube.

2015 was our 7th annual conference. When curating the speakers, we asked ourselves what stories do we want to tell. What ideas do we want to spread? We are excited to say we found some amazing speakers, over half of which are local. Dallas is a community of passionate, creative thinkers and doers; TEDxSMU 2015 was a celebration of this collective.

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