TEDxKids@SMU 2011


We had a blast this year and the kids were introduced to some exciting new ideas! Check out pictures of TEDxKids@SMU 2011 on Flickr here!

This year’s theme was disruption. The kids participated in a discussion of events, discoveries, and how they impact us personally and as a community.


Maya Ajmera

Elise Ballard | Epiphanies!

Sharon & Sam Blumberg

Simon Cohen | Building Bridges

Jeff Fulgham | Water for the Future

Bo Hughes | Life After TEDxKids

Vladimir Jovanovic | Seeing What’s Behind You

Lisa Loeb

Tali Marx | Getting a Global View

Tierney Thys | For the Fish!


About TEDxKids@SMU

The TEDx and TED model of conferences are an ideal platform to present new, engaging ideas to the next generation of leaders, artists, creators, innovators, and  inventors. Short, bursty presentations by astounding thinkers on a broad array of topics ranging from the science of yo-yo’s to space exploration take students out of the classrooms and into a setting where the teachers are the people actually thinking up and executing these big ideas.

Community Service Requirement

As part of our commitment to the students in the Dallas area, we offer this program free of charge for students to attend, but require that students commit to completing a service learning project. At TEDxKids@SMU, students will have the opportunity to sign up for one of several volunteer experiences coordinated through TEDxSMU, or to propose a service learning project of their choosing.


To reaffirm to the students that this day is really about and for them, we are asking that all chaperons and adults attending TEDxKids@SMU sit in the balcony of the City Performance Hall, where parents and chaperons can watch and be in close proximity to students without being in the same row. This is available based on the comfort and discretion of chaperons. TEDxKids@SMU Hosts are Dallas-area juniors and seniors in high school who have been selected through an application process to serve as peer mentors to the students and will also be available to sit with them during the program.


TEDxKids@SMU Hosts

TEDxKids@SMU will select 90 high school juniors and seniors to serve as Hosts to groups of 5-10 middle school students during the TEDxKids@SMU conference. Each Host will complete peer leadership training prior to TEDxKids@SMU. Hosts will greet students as they arrive at TEDxKids@SMU and help them understand the flow of the day. Hosts sit with the students during the conference, and stay with their assigned small group during the break. Hosts will also be expected to participate in one of the service learning projects offered through TEDxSMU.

This is a great opportunity that offers training in peer leadership, a free ticket to attend TEDxKids@SMU, and the chance to interact with a diverse group of students from the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. And, it looks great on your resume! At TEDxKids@SMU, you will:

  • Serve as a mentor to a small group of 10 TEDxKids@SMU attendees
  • Help facilitate conversations about the array of topics that we cover at TEDxKids@SMU
  • Participate in the breaks by guiding your small group through interacting with speakers, engaging with the art installations, and experiencing multiple hands-on opportunities
  • Get the full experience of TEDxKids@SMU by being immersed in every component of the event!

Want to get on the mailing list? Please sign up here. If you have specific questions about TEDxKids@SMU, please email us.