02 Mar 2017

Maria Cramer – Fearlessness – TEDxSMUWomen 2016

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Women are naturally a nurturing gender, leading from a place of caring and compassion. What happens when women are able to tap into the courage to be fearless and lead from a place of power and compassion? Maria Cramer discusses how women can tap into their fearlessness and find their power to make lasting change, while using compassion as a way to draw people into the broadest and most impactful outcome. Maria Cramer is powerful and compassionate leader. She honed her skills as a US Army officer and has since spent her professional years supporting organizations making large scale business transformations. Her passion is working with professionals to lead in a manner that combines power and heart to bring about sustainable change in workplaces. She has a BA from Wake Forest University and an MBA from Southern Methodist University. She is a mother of two, living in Texas and is a Vice President at Hitachi Consulting. She is striving every day to be fearless and compassionate in family, work and community.

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