TEDxSMUWomen 2015

TEDWomen 2015 was a TED event curated by TED and Pat Mitchell that focused on women and women’s issues. TEDxWomen events are TEDx events hosted around the live webcast of TEDWomen, and will also feature live, local speakers. Our event was called TEDxSMUWomen and was one of many TEDx events that happened around the globe on May 28 that expanded on the ideas brought up at TEDWomen.

Check out pictures from TEDxSMUWomen 2015 here!

TEDxSMU was excited to be able to stream  TEDWomen 2015 live as it happened in California on Thursday May 28, 2015!

Thursday, May 28th

TEDxSMUWomen Live Speaker Session:

Michelle Adams | Marketing Brainology | Applying Neuromarketing to increase our own appeal & desirability

Jasmin Rohman | Raytheon | A Systematic Approach for Women to Achieve Career Success

Lisa Fey | Atta Girl | Dialing for Dreams

Ann Ranson | Intentions Work | No Regrets: Momentum for the Next Generation

Kimberly Davis | OnStage Leadership | What It Means to Be a Brave Leader


TEDWomen Session 1: Spark

Achenyo Idachaba │ Green entrepreneur
Robin Murphy │ Disaster roboticist
Rana el Kaliouby │ Computer scientists
Christina Mercando │ CEO
Linda Briceno │ Performing artist activist
Nonny de la Peña Virtual │ reality pioneer

TEDWomen Session 2: Surface

Margaret Heffernan │ Management thinker
Elizabeth Nyamayaro │ Political scientist
Roxane Gay │ Writer
Lee Mokobe │ Poet
Rich Benjamin │ Social observer
Pardis Sabeti │ Computational geneticist

Panel & Think Tank Discussion

TEDWomen Session 3: Seduce

Marlene Zuk │ Evolutionary biologist
Kakani Katija│ Bioengineer
Maria Bello │ Actor and activist
Bela Fleck │ Banjo artist
Abigail Washburn │ Clawhammer banjo player
Mubin Shaikh │ Anti-extremist scholar
Nancy Lublin │ Activist

Networking Cocktail Reception

TEDWomen Session 4: Sustain

Jimmy Carter │ Peace activist
Sakena Yacoobi │ Education activist
Memory Banda │ Activist
Gina Loring│ Poet and vocalist
Sunni Patterson │ Poet
Billie Jean King │ Tennis legend and activist
Mary Robinson │ Global leader
Sara Stevens│ Singer

Friday, May 29th

TEDWomen Session 5: Shift

Michael Kimmel │ Sociologist
Mia Birdsong│ Family activist
Alix Generous │ Advocate
Erin Pettit │ Glacier explorer
Aspen Baker  │ Listener
Somi │ Vocalist, composer, and culturist
Linda Cliatt-Wayman │ High school principal

TEDWomen Session 6: Share

Kaki King │ Guitarist
Jane Fonda│ Actor and activist
Lily Tomlin │ Comedian and actor
Gayle Tzemach Lemmon │ Reporter
Alaa Murabit  │ Peace expert
Jenni Chang and  Lisa Dazols│ Documentary filmmarkers
Robin Morgan │ Poet and activists
Negin Farsad │ Comedian and filmmaker


TEDxSMUWomen 2015 is proudly being presented by Dallas Women’s Foundation








From TEDWomen:
At TEDWomen 2015, we’ll explore the bold ideas that create momentum in how we think, live and work today. From the young scientist revealing a breakthrough discovery to the activist who methodically transformed how the world thinks about women. From the veteran CEO whose trade secrets turn organizations around to the athlete whose extraordinary comeback shocked the world.