16 Oct 2010

Live Blogging at TEDxSMU

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1:56PM: Roger Black

1:51PM: Technology demo! A remote controlled car with a military application. Remote operation will allow UAV control from a local vantage point.

1:49PM “An outbreak anywhere is a threat everywhere.” Key vigilance that stops more diseases than the general public even know.

1:49PM: Precautions at the CDC designed to eliminate risk, tackle infectious disease, and keep humanity safe. Their use of clinical trials and product development allow the big dreams of ambitious but under-resourced labs a mechanism to develop and execute medical products.

1:41PM learning about the Monkeypox and the Junin virus. Nothing yet about Baseball Fever.

1:37PMJim LeDuc speaks about SARS. I’m blowing my nose due to awful allergies but promise, I am not trying to incite a panic.

1:34PMBack from an all
-organic lunch. Hit the spot. Just listened to the “I once for caught” segment. Four hours in and I STILL haven’t gotten caught blogging!

12:01PMCoffee, Ethiopia, and Vertical climbing. A real pick-me-up.

11:55AMDid I say reporter? I meant insane, kickass rock climber, novelist, and storyteller of deserted Ethiopian drylands.

11:51AMMicah Burnhardt, reporter.

11:49AM: Sharon Lyle, founde of TEDxSMU asks us: what would you do if you ran the world? Free markets, peace, and pizza.

11:45AM:Had to end the laptop posing bc of my computer battery. Now I look like that annoying guy texting during speakers’ presentation. Salah’s model of goo returns brings micro-lending to business entrepreneurs in Chiapas, Mexico.

11:41AM: Salah Boukadoum

11:40AM: Ebeling’s eyewriter machine is cheap and effective. He helps prove that anything we dream of is possible. Remember, commit to making things Impossible, Not.

11:28AM: Mick Ebeling. Creator of the Eyewriter allows the paralyzed to communicate with their eyes.

11:26AM: Amy Palmiero-Winters. Prosthetic Legs. Authentic Attractiveness

11:18AM: “In the future, the genetically enhanced will rule the world…[and] if we use this power wisely, it might be the beginning of something better.” We’re talking Rain Man-esque memory, Einstenian brilliance, and six-packs.

11:12AM: We apparently only have 25,000 genes, but it can allow child customization. The already rare “ugly baby” might face permanent extinction.

11:05AM: Finally! Pictures of Naked People! Bad news: the “people” are Neanderthals. Time to start asking for a refund.

11:04AM: Steven Potter’s Evolution of Man

11:03AM: The many modulations of the Wyly.

10:59AM: Joshua Prince Ramos, architect of the Wyly, up next.

10:55AM: The evolution of altruism explains that selfish organisms, even at the expense of their own individual lives, will coalesce when survival is at stake.

10:46AM: Just noticed the speaker of the evolution of Hip-Hop wears a “Change” t-shirt with Obam— Darwin.

10:42AM: Amazing comparisons of age and likelihood that you’re a murderer. What’s good in Chicago maps perfectly in Cananda, as well.

10:40AM: Baba cites to the book Homicide. Cross-applying life expectancy and violent crime statistics. What we call violent crime and murder might actually be aggressive young men competing for supremacy in anti-social ways. Without proper fora, crime might be the course.

10:39AM: First declaration: Baba went on a tour in the United Kingdom rapping Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales. This is going to be sweet.

10:38AM: Baba Brinkman. Rap Artist.

10:37AM: “The planet is breath-taking. But it is also breath-making.”

10:35AM: A panoply of images from around the world. Telling our story, long before we walked the planet.

10:22AM: “Without them, there would be no us.” Commentary from Lanting about oxygen-emitting bacteria he found off the coast of New Zealand.

10:16AM: Frans Lanting. Environmentalist. “I looked at animals less as photographic trophies, and more as ambassadors for ecosystems.”

10:12AM: Kelly, TED content director, and Reese, spoken-word poet, MC our event. Love their enthusiasm, and their progressive-thinking footwear.

10:05AM: Inside the Wyly. This place is gorgeous. U-shaped inside. High, stacked seating. A couple on stage. Grand piano. Chorus of “You can’t be a beacon if your light don’t shine.” It’s five minutes in and the Wyly is shining brightly over the city of Dallas, with its rays touching people inside the auditorium, and beyond.

Hey! Mukul Kelkar here at the Wyly Theatre here in Downtown Dallas. The venue is incredible! I’ll be sure to keep you updated with all the great happenings here at TEDxSMU today. And make sure you tell us what you wanted to be when you grew up.

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